I recently came across these amazing , no actually beyond amazing, furniture pieces by the very talented woodworker Ariele Alasko.  She designs stunning wood tables, wall art and headboards using mainly plaster lath and reclaimed wood found from old buildings around her home in Brooklyn.  Each piece is designed with intricate and unique geometric patterns (many using chevron and stripes) and they are all insanely cool.  She also does not stain any materials and instead uses all of the natural wood coloration. I am really over the moon in love with pretty much every piece of furniture, but as many are sold out I will be scouring her website for new pieces (and she also does custom orders).  Check out these amazing designs for your home….


Tables – I love wood tables but even more so I love the idea these unique and natural designs on the tabletop…a definite show stopper.

Ariele Alasko 7 Ariele Alasko 9Ariele Alasko 5Ariele Alasko  4

Wall Panels – Adding wood panels to your walls as art is beautiful, natural and different.  Here are some that I love…

Ariele Alasko  wall panelsAriele Alasko wall panelAriele Alasko wall panel 3Ariele Alasko interior 2

More pattern and design… I love these pieces below


Ariele Alasko  headbpard

 Such a cool bar

Ariele Alasko interior

Beautiful Patterns

Ariele Alasko 3


Here is Ariele in her Brooklyn studio where she turned her wood building hobby into her full time career.  I love that she has beauty, talent and style…super inspiring.

Ariele Alasko  2Ariele Alasko

All images via Ariele Alasko




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