Even though we have all seen our share of Moroccan style rugs, I couldn’t help but to fall just a little bit more in love with them after my trip to Marrakech.  I am always really drawn to this style when I decorate,  I think they bring such a natural element to a space but also add shapes and patterns which are so important.  I am also always on the search for good quality rugs with a reasonable price tag, which is not always easy to find.

Here is some Moroccan rug decor inspiration to get you in the mood and some helpful Get the Look rug options.



Lovely Traditional Beni Wool Rugs All In Neutral Tones

Taditional Woolsyellow sofasdetailblack and white rugs

Love These Moroccan Blues…

moroccan influence

Vivid Punches of Color Add Character

Moroccan Saturated Rugscolor punchnurseryeclectic

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What’s Your Rug Style?

Traditional Wool Color Punch Moroccan Blue Moroccan Golden Hues Moroccan nuetrals
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Moroccan Monochrome: 1. Beni Rug  2. Neutral Area Rug  3. Wool Rug 

Color Punch: 1. Fuchsia Rug 2. White & Orange Rug

Moroccan Blues: 1. Star Rug  2. Ink Rug

Golden Hues: 1. Bath Rug  2. Gold Scatter Rug  3. Wool Dhurrie

Neutrals: 1. Jute Rug  2. Traditional Rug


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