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I always like to have a place that I can pin up my thoughts, inspiration and general images that just make me happy.  It is also really helpful when I work to use cork boards to post up fabrics, patterns and furniture pieces to create a full on mood board.  I usually think that cork boards are really boring and so today I am showing you how to easily (and I mean be-yond easily) spruce up your cork boards to personalise and turn them into awesome inspirational pieces.


Boring Cork Board —> Inspirational Mood Board

Choose your cork board (in this case, I used three equal sized boards, measuring)2014-08-05_0009

Take the boards outside, to your back yard, a park or any open field.  Ideally you want to situate them higher up so you do not have to get on the ground (here I used cylinder blocks to support them)

Before boards

Materials: Spray Paint (your color choice), gloves (this is optional but I wanted to use them) and small cork samples (also optional, but a great way to test your paint colors before spraying them  directly onto the board)

Materials Test out the colors on the cork samples.  I used four colors because I wasn’t sure which to go with.  I ended up keeping with the black, white and silver spray paint as I want the imagery on the boards to really stand out.  (I think some neon boards though would look really fantastic also)2014-08-05_0006Chosen blocksStart to spray the board and give them 2-3 coats each.  Leave them to dry overnight.


Inspirational Boards

(I like to)

Keep it personal – add some touches to give it life

2014-08-05_0013Include positive and upbeat words

2014-08-05_0010Keep to a theme (metallic accented theme shown)

Metallic close upInclude images or subjects that make you happy (music, travel, etc)

2014-08-05_0012Include interior inspiration for ideas and creativtyWelcome homeEnjoy it and change it up often (keep it fresh)

Gabby fixing boards 2





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