If you don’t already know, I have a thing for using a lot of greenery in my interiors (like…a lot).  I love it and to me there is no better way to bring in natural color and elements than with beautiful potted plants.  Recently, at an interior project I am working on, I had an empty white shelving unit in the hallway.  I decided that instead of styling the shelves with the usual decorative objects and books, that I would make a DIY green wall.  I went to Ikea to buy all of the potted plants and went to work mixing and matching, to create an all green accent wall.  I had never done this before so I was a little nervous, but honestly I am really happy with the result.  It has created such a different and unexpected look in the hallway and it also brings a sense of happiness and brightness to this otherwise mundane area of the home.  I am sharing below some pics of the shelving and my process of making it a green wall.  I hope you like it as much as I do!process copyHere is the process of creating the green wall.  I combined different potted plants to create a mixture of green tones, textures and shapes.  I also threw in a couple very simple white vases that almost blend into the the shelving but also add a structural element. green 1Here are the plants all set up on the steps before I placed them on the shelves.  As you can see I used a mixture of ivy (Hedera Helix), various Succulents, assorted Himalayamix plants and Boston Ferns (Nephrolepis)… I used these white pots for all of the plants.  Everything is from Ikea.

succulentHow beautiful is that succulent! green wall 7I absolutely loved the idea of the ivy plants draping over the shelving to bring lots of texture and dimension to the structured white levels.  I mixed in the ivy as much as possible on the higher shelves and left the Boston Ferns for the bottom. Green vasegreen wall flat 15 2green wall detailThese little vases are so inexpensive but really added a little something to the wall.  I liked the idea of breaking up the plants with something structural. green wall 4greenery 2So here is the wall all finished. I really love how different it is. Hope you enjoyed this and got a little bit of green inspiration along the way.

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