When it comes to retro inspired design, I love to incorporate accents or pops of this style into my decor.  I also feel that when you add this look into your design, you can really have some fun.  There is one retro inspired piece in particular though that I am DYING to get for my kitchen (I have kind of been wanting one for about five years now) and that is the 50’s style Smeg fridge.  I decided to use one in the kitchen of a new project that we just started working on in East London and so I cannot wait to style this kitchen in general.  In the meantime, I have been researching some pretty amazing kitchen looks and today I am sharing a few of my favorites.  Are you as obsessed with this look as I am?



black kitchen and smegModern monochrome kitchen with retro pop sea green smegSea green SMEG is perfect and perfectly retro.

orangeI would personally not think to use an orange SMEG, but this might be one of my favorite lookspastel smegThese kitchens which both include a pastel accented SMEG are perfect for Spring…

white smegThe retro SMEG mixes PERFECTLY in a neutral and rustic setting.

pink and cream smegI love the eclectic looks of both of these kitchens.

smeg 1All white and pretty amazing.

black and white smegAgain the neutral coloured SMEGS get me every time.  Retro Sophistication.



Smeg UK  // Smeg US


Images via Pinterest

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