Art is one of the easiest and best ways to add color, texture and character into any room.  There are so many creative ways to use artwork within your space, that whether it involves adding a large scale piece with vivid hues or simply leaning your favorite framed prints on the floor to save space, each look will create a stylish and unique look for your room.  Below are 10 great (and simple) ways to display artwork within your home.  Hopefully these ideas will help you in choosing your artwork and curating your pieces at home!




Bright Artwork1. Use A Bold & Colorful Statement Piece – Use neutral furniture pieces like woods and whites to compliment a bold saturated artwork like this watercolor above.  It will be sure to bring some life to the room!  (Image via Lonny)bedroom gallery wall2. Create An Eclectic Gallery Wall – You don’t always need to have a theme for your gallery wall.  Place some of your favorite works together (even if they don’t “match”) with a strong center piece to tie everything in (remember to keep some space between each frame).   (Image via Lonny)ELLE Decoration 0213 sTYLING aRT3. The Floor Lean – This is especially good if you have a smaller space but honestly this look will work regardless.  Lean your framed pieces on the floor to add further dimension to your room and also an unexpected resting place for your artwork.  (Image via Elle Decor)artwork max wagner4. Use Beach Themed Photography To Bring Color and Zen To Your Space – Photography of the sea is always a popular go-to subject for artwork.  I have especially been drawn to pieces from Gray Malin and Max Wagner (shown above), that use vivid blues and greens as well as more curated beachscapes.  I love how they bring color and life to a room, but also give a zen feeling at the same time.  (Image via Design Love Fest)

lyle owerko5. Pair Your Artwork Together To Fill Larger Blank Spaces – If you have a large white wall that you are looking to fill, don’t forget that you can pair up your artwork in two’s or even three’s.  As long as the pieces go together (or simply work together), this look will cover more blank wall space and will also feel like a more curated space within your home. I especially love these Lyle Owerko prints shown above.  (Image via Home Polish)word art6. Use Words As A Statement – Some of my favorite art does not involve any pictures at all.  Text artwork can be such a simple yet strong statement.  If you like this look check out pieces by Anthony Burrill.  (Image via Domaine)fashion photography7.  Create a Themed Vignette – Combine your artwork and decor pieces (like books and decorative objects) to create a small vignette within your home.  Keep it simple and it will be a chic little corner your guests will be sure to notice.  Keep this in mind also when you are shopping for wall art…don’t be afraid to buy art with subjects that interest you like fashion, travel, animals, etc.  You will be surprised how you can tie it all in together.  (Image via Dust Jacket)black and white art8. Keep It Simple With A Black & White Style – I LOVE a black and white styled wall, (probably because I have one myself, see it here).  This look works really well because creates a geometric style look on your wall but it is really clean on the eye as well.  (Image via Tumblr)wallpaper and artwork9. Don’t Be Afraid To Mix it Up By Combining Bold Wallpaper & Artwork – One thing I never think to do is add artwork on top of a bold wallpaper.  With that being said, I like it  a lot every time I see this look.  As long as the artwork “works” with the wallpaper (same color tones, subject, etc), this look is great for the courageous interior decorators out there!  Try it!  (Image via Tumblr)vardagsrum10. Mix Your Art Pieces Within Your Shelving Decor – Mix your artwork in with your decorative pieces.  It is the perfect way to style a shelving unit or a sideboard.  (Image via Pinterest)

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  1. I have a few art pieces lying about in my attic, haven’t the slightest clue where to place them but you’ve made it look so easy. Funnily enough I have a very similar footstool to the one in picture 8 from so I’ve now found one spot to place some art and I like where the art is places in the very last photo, could try something in my dining room perhaps.

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