Right now I am so into these simple glass jugs with the cork top.  I love their simple design and shape as well as the natural element of the cork!  I am probably more obsessed with these because they only cost $4 from Ikea, but they look like they are much more when I have them out around the house.  So today I am using them at home, in two simple and different ways. Both are perfect because they are easy decor options to add simple pops of color for summer.


STYLE 1: NATURALLY FLAVOURED WATER water jug 4water jugs 7glass jug 3

There are so many benefits to drinking naturally infused water.  I personally love adding lemon, cucumbers with mint, oranges or even pineapple.  As much as the taste is so refreshing for summer, the colors and the actual “look” of these simple fruits in your water is so beautiful.  Perfect for a party or get together…everybody loves these!


STYLE 2: COLORFUL STORAGE storage jugsstorage container 3storage jug

I also used these glass canisters for storage around the house.  I added in some of my favorite hot pink candles and also some straws.  Such an easy and useful way to add some color!  Use these again for a get together.  You can remove the cork top and leave the straws in them on your bar for your guests!

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