Last week I visited the beautiful city of San Francisco and stopped by one of the coolest spots in town called Mr. Holmes Bakehouse.  You may have already seen pictures on Instagram or Pinterest of its epic hot pink neon artwork which reads, “I Got Baked In San Francisco”, but if not, here I am posing next to the signage.  I have, and continue to be obsessed with neon art and text that are used in interiors.  From fantastic artists like Tracy Emin and Chris Bracey,  to neon signs that are made by an individual for their home or retail space to cleverly describe a thought or feeling, these pieces, in my opinion, will typically transform any room into a show stopper.  My sentiments were played out perfectly when I visited Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, as even though this retro feeling bakery with subway tiles, mosaic floors and gold branding was done to interior perfection, it was the pink neon that had me (as well as SEVERAL other people who came in) all taking photos and celebrating this hot pink art piece.  So today I am sharing 15 fab interiors which have all used clevery worded neon art pieces to transform simple spaces into unforgettable ones.


2015-07-15_0001Heart shape Neon2015-07-15_0008love me neonNeoni got baked in san fran2015-07-15_0005nurseryNeon lights

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