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I recently just switched back to the iPhone, and so lately I have been all about accenting my style with pops of color, design and pattern through my cases.  While sometimes I like to keep it simple with my marble case or with plain tones, I am currently all about these fun and crazy cases.  I really love the Orange Juice one on the cover image … they are all  so good for Summer!  Check out 12 of our favorite iPhone cases below!  I am specially after the Camille Walala case (no. 4), you may recognise the colourful artwork from a building that she painted in Shoreditch, London (big fan over here).  It almost August, so it’s about time to have some fun this Summer with

12 must have iPhone cases v


1.  LIMITED EDITION CARNABY CASE   |   2. Palm Moon Silhouette Case   |   3. Apple Leather Case   |   4. Sottsass Case   |    5. White Marble Cover   |   6. Bitch Case    |    7. Skinny Dip Mermaid Martini Silicon Case   |   8. Zero Gravity Apocalypse Case   |   9. Speech Bubble Case   |   10. Moschino Print case   |   11. Iphoria Neon Leather Case    |  12. Thumb up Glow in the Dark Silicone Case





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