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11 Aug 2015 ArtInteriors


Sometimes finding the right pieces to put on your walls can be the most challenging part of designing a room.  Even more difficult…finding great artwork that is actually AFFORDABLE!  Yes, it is hard and yes, you have to really look…but I have to say, there are so many fantastic pieces once you get to the right places!  Today I am sharing 7 of my favorite go-to online art sources because every room in my opinion needs a little something on the walls to give it that perfect finishing touch!




Inaluxe: I especially love the bold and graphic elements of these 70’s inspired art pieces.  They are bold enough to hang along, but would also look fantastic paired together!  1. Atlas 59 Fine Art Print $45  2. Crystal Palace No. 4 Archival Print $54  3. Press Close Together $45


Place In Print: These art prints representing different neighborhoods around London are such fun!  For me I see them in my kitchen or office! 1. Chelsea  2. Barbican  3. Belsize Park (All £55)


Society 6: This site has so many great choices of great contemporary photography and art prints.  Great choices! 1. Beverly II by The Aestate 2. Cloudy Horse Head by Kevin Russ  3. Marianna by Ruben Ireland $18


One Must Dash: I am really into this site.  I loved the BLA print so much, I have it in my living room (see cover)! They don’t have a huge selection, but if you are into monochrome pieces, this is the site for you. 1. Honey Honey £55 2. Small Talk £35  3. For Rest £35


20x20020 x 200: Love these modern pieces.  Perfect for a gallery wall in the making…. 1. Flamingo No. 4 by Sharon Montrose $60  2. Praia Piquinia by Christian Chaize $60  3. Balloons by Youngna Park $60

v Saatchi Art:  This is a fantastic go to site for tons of great international artists.  The canvas pieces are more of an investment, but many of them are available in a print format which is significantly less.  1. Sweet Chaotic Memories by Andrea Castro  2. Striped in Yellow by Anders Hingel  3.  Bunch Of Flowers by Pascal Marlin $153

Tappan Collective

Tappan Collective: Again this site has a range of price options but here is some amazing artistic photography that I absolutely love!  1. Ne Me Quitte Pas by Marc Gabor $180  2. Rose by Eric Chakeen $150  3. Summer no. 9 by Emily Knecht $80

Cover image via Design Sponge

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