There is one element that I always think is key for any home.  This my friends, is a well stocked bar.  I not only believe in stocking the bar, I also love the style element that a great bar can give to a moody room or little corner of your dining area (bar carts are a special favorite of mine).  Today I am sharing a quick video to show you 6 easy steps on how to build your perfect bar at home that will contain all of the essentials!  If your bar currently consists of a bottle of just wine and champers … this is a must watch.  Especially as the holiday season is almost here!


Your Foundation Spirits: The essentials to stock that will allow you create pretty much any classic cocktail is Vodka, Gin, Tequila and Whiskey.  Alternatives (that I always have on hand) are Vermouth and champagne (chilled in the refrigerator until the just before the party starts).

Mixers:  I like to have the basic mixers ready.  These inlcude tonic water, cranberry juice, ginger beer and club soda.  Important mixers to also include are simple syrup (this is equal parts sugar and water) and also Bitters.  You will pretty much be able to mix all of your cocktails with these.

Garnish: Many cocktails have a garnish so it’s great to have these out for next party.  I basically will keep out lemons, limes, olives and maraschino cherries (which are so good).  Keep them out and easy to get at…I use tooth picks for easy access for my guests.

Tools: To make it really easy for your guests (or your appointed bartender friend) to shake up some cocktails, have the basic tools on hand.  These include a cocktail shaker, bar spoon, strainer and measuring cup.

Glassware:  Make sure to have the proper glassware on hand.  I always like to include low tumbler glasses (which will work for most cocktails), champagne glasses (essential for a celebration) and wine glasses (because although wine isn’t included here on the bar, it’s just good to have these.  I especially love this vintage inspired stemware range from Habitat.

Ice Bucket:  Ice is essential to a bar or party.  I like to use classic larger cubes which I keep stored in my freezer inside a plastic bag until right before the party (I do this because my freezer is old fashion but if you have an ice maker then I’m jealous).

Accents: Don’t forget about these little additions to your bar that will make it great.  Cocktail napkins and fun straws are always a great way to add fun accent pieces while being practical as well!


Enjoy, Cheers, Salute.  Cause it’s 5 o’clock somewhere …

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