Travel is amazing and as much as I like to be prepared for the destination, I also find that being organised for the journey itself can make all the difference.  Being American and living in London, I tend to take a lot of long haul flights often back and forth to the States. Over the years, I started a routine to make sure that I am completely prepared for the plane journey.  For me, being prepared on the flight can help the trip get off to a great start and also help the travel time to fly by.  I am about to take a trip to Tokyo (more to come on that), and I wanted to share my journey prep, so I am feeling 100 for the very long plane journey.


  1. Update My Music:  I am well into my tunes and when I am travelling I make sure my Spotify is updated with new (upbeat and chill) music and downloaded so I can listen to it offline.  I usually have my headphones on the entire time.
  2. Check In Online + Choose Seats:  I literally go online as close to exactly 24 hours before my flight to check in and choose my seats.  I find that having a good seat can improve the flight so much.  I will always spend the extra £25 for exit row as well (its worth it) and checking in on time will help with availability with seats.
  3. Clear Plastic Cosmetic Bag:  I am so addicted to clear cosmetic bags that I use them in my everyday bag, for the gym and to travel.  It is so great to see what is in the bag and going through security is that much easier because you do not have to deal with putting all your lotions into a plastic baggie.  I get mine from Boots.Travel Prep 2
  4. Reading Materials / TV: I stock up on my favorite magazines, which also includes my guilty pleasure gossip ones.  Whatever your preference… (books, ipad or magazines) these items will keep you busy and relaxed.
  5. Research:  This mainly applies to when I travel somewhere new, but I am a firm believer research!  Pick up travel guides (I love Monocle guides), do online reading, download travel apps and I ALWAYS read hotel reviews (they are beyond helpful).  It’s great to wander around but when you are travelling somewhere new… know your stuff.
  6. Travel Docs:  I like to have everything ready and easy to access.  This includes passports, boarding passes (now I download them straight to my phone) and hotel or train reservations.Travel Prep Flat 15 Blog
  7. Snacks:  I always include some healthy snacks in my bag. Things like mixed nuts, dried fruits or healthy popcorn (currently loving Propercorn from Whole Foods) really help keep me feeling good when I would otherwise just grab something quick and usually not healthy for myself from the airport or train station.
  8. The List:  One of the most helpful things that I started doing was writing down everything I need to pack prior to me packing.  The good thing about this, is usually once you make a list like this, it will apply to most trips you go on.  I do it for my luggage and my carry on, to prevent moments of “OMG I forgot …” once I am on my way.Travel Prep
  9. Book a car or taxi EARLY:  I have had some very close calls of running though the airport like a crazy woman because I got there too late to begin with (this also runs the risk have having your checked luggage not show up on time to your destination when you do).  Now I pre-plan my airport taxi the day before, so I am calm and collected through the check-in process and in the airport.  I find when I get on the plane feeling calm, I usually stay that way throughout the flight.
  10. Beauty Essentials:  I always have what I need with me in my clear plastic carry case.  Items like antibacterial hand wipes, eye drops, extra contacts, lip balm and face spray are all essentials for me.


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