I say it all the time but books are the easiest way to bring color, imagery and culture into your home.  You can tell a lot about a person by the books they have displayed in their interior and even more so by the lack of books someone has in their space. I like to keep my selection of books well rounded at home or when I style an interior, and one very important genre is ART books.  They bring such a great element of beautiful design and sophistication, plus you can never go wrong with them.  I love to buy art books from amazing exhibitions I visit at museum and I always urge people to include art books (and artwork) that appeal to them and their style.  Some artists though are iconic and will always be great additions to any shelving unit or coffee table.  Here are my picks for contemporary art books for your home!

vart books



Jeff Koons | Andy Warhol | Yayoi Kusama | Damien Hirst | Roy Lichtenstein 


Josef Hoflehner | Helmut Newton | Andreas Gursky | Mario Testino | Candida Hofer 


Minimal Art | Bridget Riley | Dan Flavin | Donald Judd | Josef Albers


Hockney | Christopher Wool | Jackson Pollack | Gerhard Richter | Basquiat 


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