Travelling is a huge part of my life and if it’s possible I try to visit as many places as I can each year (depending on my time off and money of course).  It always helps me to have a “wish list” in mind of places that I am dying to visit. I try to keep my travel list varied (so some destinations are closer to home while others that are more exotic).  That way even if I don’t make it to each destination on my list (which obviously is the case every year), I still can usually figure out a way to visit at least one or two.  For 2016 I actually took a break from travel in the beginning of the year (aside from my visit to Japan which was epic) and now as we are creeping into May, I am starting to feel the travel bug and so I have been thinking about the places that are really catching my eye.  Here is my current travel wish list, I already got to one but hopefully I can make it to a couple more before the year end.



1 – Santorini, Greece: Since I have lived in England I have visited Greece several times and so far of all of my travels, Mykonos is one of my favorite islands I have ever been to.  I love the Greek vibe of casual Summer fun, it’s a no fuss culture which is my absolute favorite way to be on holiday.  Plus the scenery is absolutely mind blowing.  Santorini seems to be the quieter (more romantic) version of Mykonos and so I want to check it out with my husband.  This has been on my wish list for years (my whole life basically) and this Summer I am going to make it happen.  I hear you only have to go for a couple days, so I am looking to visit for a long weekend and it’s only a three hour flight from London (score!).  I haven’t done much research yet, but I would take literally any of these Santorini hotels on Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

2- Antelope Canyon, Arizona: If you haven’t seen this place yet I highly recommend you click here to get a glimpse of it’s beauty (it’s incredible).  It is located on Navajo land in the South West of America and consists of two red canyons formed from Navajo sandstone (they are called Upper Antelope and Lower Antelope).  It is just about two hours from the Grand Canyon, another American landmark I have never been to, so I would love to make it a road trip and stop at both locations. (My dream would be to stay at the Amangiri hotel in the desert on this trip).

3- Iceland: It seems like everyone is visiting Iceland right now.  I am dying to soak in the natural hot springs of the Blue Lagoon and also explore the mars like landscape of this amazing place.  The amazing thing is that it is only about three hours from London, so again super close! (There are some amazing Air B & B’s located in Iceland that I think would be pretty great to stay in). Also check out this blog for some beautiful imagery from Iceland.

4- The Hamptons, New York: I grew up outside of Philadelphia, so every Summer I would drive to the shore with my friends and family (aka South Jersey) for the beach.  I still have never been to The Hamptons and I just really want to go and see what all of the fuss is about.  I am in New York and Philly often (visiting home) and so this Summer I will make the drive up to experience this beautiful beach town destination.  I actually can’t wait to go.  (I really want to check out the Sunset Beach Hotel by Andre Balazs on Shelter Island).

5- Tokyo, Japan: This was on my wish list for 2016 and I actually already was able to visit in February, but I still wanted to include it here.  There is so much incredible inspiration coming out Tokyo right now and everything from the clothing, architecture, food and design is truly amazing.  I stayed at The Grand Hyatt (from the movie Lost In Translation) and The Aman Tokyo, (see my stay  here), both hotels were phenomenal.  I HIGHLY recommend Tokyo as an adventurous and inspirational city trip!


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