Tonal Hues

10 May 2016 Interiors


Recently I have been swooning over tonal colors in design.  Any type of space or even fashion piece that plays with various shades of the same hue keeps catching my eye.  I just came across these beautiful still life images and they are such incredible inspiration for me.  I wanted to share these today and maybe you will get lost in these stunning colors and varied tones the way I did. (These images are from Bert + May showing their new eco friendly paint collection… see their entire range here, the colors are perfection).


COLOR | TONES20151214_Bert&May_AlmondButter_01120151214_Bert&May_Tuberose_01120151214_Bert&May_LemonBalm_00120151214_Bert&May_Dandelion_00220151214_Bert&May_PangolaGrass_014 (1)20151214_Bert&May_Lily_01120151214_Bert&May_Bluebell_01720151214_Bert&May_OrangeBlossom_005


Images Courtesy of Bert + May 

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