When it comes to wall decor nothing is quite as simple or as pleasing to the eye then a vintage mirror. Typically, they are easy to find at most antique shops and they always create a timeless and sophisticated interior style. Whether it is an antique brass piece or a gallery of vintage mirrors, I feel like they can literally make the room. Here is some eye candy for your Monday morning of antique mirrors that act as interior game changers.


Mirror, Mirror

Vintage Mirror 6The perfect center piece for a dining room. I love both of these options, the grouping of mirrors for a classic contemporary feel (left) and that stunning minimal room with the antique french mirror as a bold statement  (right). Vintage Mirror 7A vintage mirror can work well in a simple understated space as a focal point (left) or in a more eclectic styled room tucked in with artwork and decorative objects (right). I would add THIS to my eclectic room style! Vintage Mirror 3Is it me or does a vintage mirror look stunning in a bathroom? #bathroomgoals Vintage Mirror 2Both of these interior spaces have used the mirrors as a focal point amongst other wall decor. They both look amazing and are styled completely different. Vintage Mirror 9Antique brass vs. vintage silver and wood mirrors … Both perfect options depending on your interior style. For me I would go for all of the above.  (Check out the intricate shape of THIS mirror … perfect for a gallery wall). Vintage Mirror 5I would say this is the best way to create interesting yet practical decor above your bathtub (left) and it doesn’t get much easier than to lean a large vintage mirror on top of a chest of drawers (right).  (I love THIS brass vintage inspired mirror).Vintage Mirror 1Two easy options for combining vintage mirrors.  I love both looks of multiple mirrors creating a gallery wall or just two for a more simple look. I would definitely use THIS piece within a mirrored gallery wall).Vintage Mirror 4Understated yet bold … love both rooms.


Images via My Scandinavian Home | SF Girl By Bay | Milk Decoration | Elle Decoration | Honestly WTF | Design Sponge | Oracle Fox | Lonny | Pinterest

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