Today I have a new interior haul video for you! This one is all about bathroom accessories that I have recently used to decorate the bathrooms in the new home I am designing in Shoreditch. I am talking about everything from acrylic storage to well designed mouthwash bottles (very important stuff obviously). I listed all of the products below and where to buy them! Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Interior Haul: Bathroom Accessories

1- Acrylic Storage by Nomess: I have been obsessed with the Copenhagen based design brand Nomess. I love their simple clear storage solutions! You can get their pieces here and here! I also LOVE these shoe boxes.

2- Planters by HAY: I have been going on and on about these planters by HAY. They are beautifully modern yet causal in style. I love the grey especially because they look just like concrete. Get the black ones here and grey ones here.

3- Toiletries by Aesop, OUAI and Byredo: For me, having nice looking products on show in the bathroom is just as important as the decor accessories. I have for a long time been a fan of Aesop. Their designs are so nice and work in most rooms (but best in a bathroom or kitchen). I always use their hand wash and hand balm (see them in the kitchen, here). Also their mouthwash is incredibly designed and the glass bottle is reusable! OUAI is a new hair line by Jen Atkin (she is a celebrity hair stylist does Chrissy Teigan’s hair, along with lots of other famous people). I use a few of her products (see here) and really like them but of course I also love the design. These are something to consider if you need to leave some products out on your bathroom counter because of space. You can find the OUAI products I used in this haul are here & here. Lastly, there is Byredo … ah I cannot say enough good things. I LOVE their scents, but also the design is so clean that they look beautiful on display. Their candles or fragrance would work beautifully on display in the bathroom. Here I am using their Rose of No Man’s Land fragrance.

4- Bath Towel & Mat by Habitat: When it comes to bathroom linens, I don’t like a lot of fuss or pattern. I just love the look of crisp white or grey towels. For my new bathrooms I used these Habitat Egyptian cotton hand towels that are so nice. I also used these amazing bath mats that are SO plush.

5- Toothbrush & Toothpaste: These are a must in bathroom obviously. I am always into Marvis toothpaste because of its retro look (their mouthwash packaging is also amazing). I also love these Nomess wooden tooth brushes with lots of different color brush head options. These are perfect to put out when guests are around.

6- Triangle Toilet Paper Holder by Ferm Living: I have wanted to use this in a bathroom for a long time now. I love this minimal and graphic design piece by Ferm Living. Get it here and I also love the brass option.

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