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Today I am sharing a DIY that I just did for an interior project. We decided to use copper piping (the same piping that we actually used throughout the apartment) and created 2 poles for the kitchen, to hang extra pans, towels and kitchen utensils. I love how it came out and because it was so simple I wanted to share it with you guys! Even though we decided to paint the copper poles white, I still used lots of copper accents with the pans and accessories to bring out this color in the kitchen. Check out this super easy DIY, especially if you need some extra storage in the kitchen that looks great too.

DIY Kitchen Pole

DIY Kitchen Pole.
WHAT YOU NEED: Copper Piping, Brass Brackets, Measuring Tape, Screws, Drill, White Paint & Brush (optional).
Silver Hooks
You also need S hooks that you can from any hardware store.
gold hooks
Lastly, I used these pipe clips to hold the poles. I used three per pole so they could hold a good amount of weight.
Brick Wall
Choose the wall space that you want to use for the poles. (Make sure there is enough space in height as well as the width, because your items will be hanging below the poles).
Copper Pole
Measure your pole and cut it according to the width that suits your wall best.
Paint Brush
In my case, I decided to paint the pole a brilliant white so that it blended into the wall. We used three coats to cover the copper. (Leaving the piping copper would also be an amazing look ).
White Hooks
I also wanted the S hooks to be white (and for some reason couldn’t find them anywhere). We sprayed the S hooks white so they matched the poles.
Gold Painted Hooks
We also painted the brackets with white paint.
Copper Pole 1
Hang the pole once the paint has covered it completely. We used a drill and three brackets per pole (one on each end and one in the middle). We also touched up the white paint once the poles were up.
Display your favorite pieces. I went with a mix of copper pans, wooden utensils and I love these grid style oven mitts.
I love the minimal quality of these kitchen poles! In a rustic kitchen they still look clean and beautiful.
Details: Little copper milk jug and grey oven gloves.
Details: Bamboo utensils & mini copper pans.
As a side note, this is the copper piping that is all around the apartment. It is also why I decided to use copper accents on the poles.

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