Interior Haul: Decorative Books

07 Sep 2016 Videos

Hey everyone there is a new interior haul up on the blog today! This one is all about my favorite item to decorate with … BOOKS! While there are so many incredible books available to buy for your home, I especially wanted to share these 6 decorative options that are too good to resist. Check out the video for the full scoop and the shop this haul below.

Interior Haul: Books

1- The Design Book: This book is the perfect size to add to the top of a stack of books on your shelf. Plus for all of the design geeks out there (like me) this has a complete inventory of every design classic! Get it here.

2- The Book of Palms: This book is just a beautiful piece to add to your collection. Again a great medium size book for stacking on your shelves with a stunning front and side cover (this is one of my favorites). Get it here.

3- East London Food: I just finished designing a flat in East London and thought that this book was a perfect addition to it. It goes all through the fantastic food scene in the neighborhood with recipes and all. Plus the light pink color of the book is …. perfection. Get it here.

4- Breakfast Lunch Tea: This is such a great addition to your cook books. All recipes from the famous Rose Bakery, this book is also a great punch of green color for your interior. Get it here.

5- The Outsiders: A cool book all about finding creative outdoor living. What I love most about this one is the cover which is a striking mix of neutral tones and perfect to show off on a coffee table. Get it here.

6- Books By The Yard: Ok so I have been talking about these for a couple weeks now. They are so much fun to decorate with and if you are trying to fill up a bookshelf on a budget, these are the perfect solution. These vintage Pelican and Penguin books are sold by the yard for £50 per yard. They have so many options to choose from it’s amazing. They look interesting, vintage and fun on a bookshelf. I highly recommend these! Get them here.




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