5 Super Simple Ideas For Styling Your Thanksgiving Place Setting

23 Nov 2016 Entertaining

Ahhhh, it’s almost time for one of my favorite holidays… Thanksgiving! Being that Thanksgiving is usually celebrated at home with family, I think that many of us don’t put in as much thought to the table setting as we might for other holidays or events. I still like to put a little something on my table to make it festive and sometimes when I have my “Friendsgiving” I also include name cards for everyone. So if decorating your table is maybe the last on your mind this week (and believe me I get it), then definitely check out today’s post where I am sharing 5 beyond easy ways to add some serious style to an otherwise simple table. Also each of these options is super inexpensive too!

What I Used

Thanksgiving table setting


Thanksgiving table setting
Clementines are a staple during the Autumn months and so I love to include them on the table. They bring a perfect pop of color and also look so beautiful on a setting. They are also a bargain, I bought 6 at the market for £1.50 or you can get an entire crate of them in most super markets. Tip: look for clementines with the green leaves, they are extra lovely.


Thanksgiving table setting
I always go on about how much I love eucalyptus. It is such an amazing green that always looks amazing on its own. Also, this time of year they have several shades of it. Use this (or any simple greenery) on its own for your table setting for a very chic natural table.


Thanksgiving table setting
Ok so I bought 2 huge branches of leaves for £5 but I swear I could have also just grabbed these outside in the park (I am lazy ok). To me, this is the epitome of Fall and nothing looks better on a Thanksgiving table then some colorful leaves.


Thanksgiving table setting
Cinnamon is another festive piece for this time of year. I especially love it combined with deep greens or oranges. The good news: you probably already have some in your house!


Thanksgiving table setting
Another fall staple are berries. They are literally in every color right now and look so gorge on a table. I bought one branch which could give me enough for about 12 place settings. I love this yellow color too …

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