The 5 Antique Pieces That Every Stylish Interior Needs

01 Dec 2016 Interiors

Usually many of my favorite interiors include some element of antique or vintage decor. This doesn’t mean that they are entirely designed with antique pieces, but instead are accented with unique finds or family heirlooms. Although there are so many different kinds of fantastic antique decor, there are some classic staples that work well in every space and could be considered an essential addition to most interiors. Here are my top 5 must have antique pieces.

Vintage Sideboard 

vintage sideboard
Vintage sideboards are in my eyes an essential element to a great space. I love the pop of natural wood that it brings to a room and also the classic quality it has when paired with more modern pieces. (Image via Nordic Design)

Antique Pendant Lighting

Antique Chandelier
There is something really special about incorporating antique lighting to a space. The details and shapes are usually pretty amazing and help to bring an extra element of character and personality to a room. (Image via Abkasha)

Ornate Antique Mirror

antique mirror
You can never go wrong with an ornate antique mirror. I especially love this look (above) of pairing it with modern shelving or eclectic decor. Such a gorgeous look that works every time! (check out more vintage mirror ideas here). (Image via Domino).

Classic Glassware

Antique Glassware
I love clean white tableware, but incorporating a variety of antique glassware to your collection is a perfect way to add some extra style and swag to your dinner table at your next party! Plus, no one else will have the same dinnerware as you! (Image via Domusweb)

Vintage Bar Cart

vintage bar cart
A vintage bar cart is a must have accessory. It is everything …  fun, cool, stylish and practical. I especially love the brass ones! (and once you have your vintage bar cart, here are how to build your bar). (Image via Decoholic)

2 thoughts on “The 5 Antique Pieces That Every Stylish Interior Needs”

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more! I love the mix of ultra modern design with antique classics and it’s amazing what you can find out there for a bargain. I picked up a set of 6x cut glasses for £6 the other day and am now looking for a bar chart or cabinet to display them on. I studied traditional upholstery a few years back and worked on a Victorian arm chair. What I found amazing was how much work went into the chair to recover it. It was designed with so much thought, detail and precision. I hope I did the recovering justice, ha!

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