Lavender & Lemon Mocktail

05 Dec 2016 Entertaining

It’s time for another mocktail update (if you missed the Moscow Mule mocktail check it out here)! Today we are sipping on a little lavender and lemon … and it’s delicious. This recipe is for anyone who is not drinking over the holidays or just needs a night off from the party vibes, but still wants to feel fancy. Besides how it tastes, I love that this drink looks beautiful as well! Hope you like it!

Lavender & Lemon Mocktail

Lavender Mocktail Lavender Mocktail Lavender Mocktail


1/4 Cup of Lemon Juice

1 Tablespoon of Lavender Simple Syrup (I bought mine here or you can make it yourself see here).

4 Dashes of Bitters

1/2 Cup of Tonic Water

Fresh Lavender as garnish

Lavender Mocktail Lavender Mocktail Lavender Mocktail


Fill up your shaker with ice.

Add in all of the ingredients.

Shake well.

Add to your champaign glass and top off with the fresh lavender garnish.

Enjoy! (obvs).

Lavender Mocktail Lavender Mocktail

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