Making A Statement

08 Dec 2016 FashionStyle

This year for the holidays I am focusing on wearing simple clothing and really making a statement with my jewellery. I have especially been LOVING striking statement earrings and the chic look of pairing these fantastic designs with a more streamlined outfit. So that is my holiday outfit in a nutshell. Here I am wearing these silver beauties by L.A. based jewellery designer Annie Costello. I am obsessed with her designs and first came across them last Winter on one of my favorite blogs here. I have been wishing for a pair ever since and finally went for it a few months ago. I have also included some additional earrings options below that are ah-mazing … check them out!


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earrings earrings-3 earrings





1 – J.Crew | 2 – Arme de l’amour | 3 – Annie Costello | 4 – Deepa Gurnani | 5 – Marni | 6 – Annie Costello | 7 – Cloverpost



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