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I think for many of us the holidays are full of family traditions that include food, past times and general festivities. For me that would be dinner with my family on Christmas Eve, where we celebrate an American Italian tradition called “The Feast of The Seven Fishes”. Along with dinner, there are so many other holiday traditions of mine that I really look forward to every year. These are more personal favorites but none the less, they are things I love to do each holiday season. Here are some of my holiday favorites.

Christmas Movies
Embarrassingly, I love Christmas movies (like really love them). I literally look forward to watching them every year and I also have a collection of purchased ones on my Apple tv. I kind of love them all (even the insanely cheesy ones on the Christmas channel in London) but these here are extra special ones that I watch without fail: Elf, Family Man (my all time fave) and The Holiday.
Christmas Music
To go along with the movies, I also am obsessed with holiday music this time of year. I start listening to Christmas songs right after Thanksgiving (my family has been making fun of me for years over this) and go strong all the way until December 25th. Obviously there are so many good ones, but here are a few of my favorites: Wham’s Last Christmas, The Waitresses’ Christmas Wrapping and Dean Martin’s Baby It’s Cold Outside (classic).


Christmas Decoration
Lastly but probably most important is Christmas decor. I am not committed to any particular holiday design I think that anything goes and many times I like to change things up yearly. Decorating the tree though, is one of my all time favorite things to do. This year in particular I have been loving these styles: Using natural greens (I did a little DIY for adding winter greens to your Christmas baubles… such a beautiful look), using family polaroids as tree decoration (a friend of mine did this on her tree and I absolutely loved how it came out … definitely trying it next year) and lastly using colorful faux flowers as tree decor has to be one of the most beautiful looks I have seen (I spotted this on Design Sponge).

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