Currently Loving: “Granny Chic” Interior Style

19 Jan 2017 Interiors

There is a design trend that I am seeing a lot recently. It was first seen when it made its debut in Soho House interiors everywhere over the past several years and now it is extending into other hotels, apartments and even restaurants. This trend is called “Granny Chic”. What is it? Well it is a design look that takes styles that would normally be associated with your granny’s house (elements like jewel toned velvet, ornate frames, vintage furniture, rustic woods, patterned wall coverings, worn in fabrics, aged bronze accents and eclectic artwork) and then these looks are combined with chic contemporary elements that when placed all together create the amazing look of “granny chic”. There is something so inviting about these looks. Warm color palettes and classic pattern designs combined with old reclaimed tables and oversized velvet chairs … yes please! Somehow it always works and Soho House knocks this look out of the park every time. See below some Granny chic design inspiration and also how to get the look into your own home. What do you think about this interior style?

Granny Chic

granny chic interior designgranny chic interior designgranny-chic

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granny chic interior designGranny Chic Interior Stylegranny-chic-pariasian-flat

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granny chic interior designgranny chic interior designgranny-chic-soh-house

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