The Hydrating Oils I Swear By

31 Jan 2017 Health

Since I am now pregnant, I have been really into using moisturising products on my body and more specifically, oils and creams that will help prevent stretch marks and keep my skin (healthily) hydrated. Lately I have been rotating these four moisturisers and wanted to share my them with you. They are great for pregnancy but also for just keeping your skin fresh and hydrated over the winter months in general.

Coconut Oil

I guess I am really late to the coconut oil game because prior to now I have only been using it occasionally to cook with. I have been reading so much about it though recently that I decided to give it a go with some organic coconut oil from Whole Foods. They say that coconut oil can penetrate deeper into the skin and helps to clarify, heal and moisturise. So far it has been amazing. I have been using it at night, although I may up this to twice a day over the next few months. (Apparently this oil also reduces stretch marks after birth too, so I will definitely continue to use it).

Bio Oil

Bio Oil is one of my favorite things for my skin. It contains loads of great natural plant oils and vitamins. This oil works to reduce scars, ageing, skin conditions and stretch marks. You can literally buy it at any pharmacy and although it is not “cheap”, it also does not break the bank (like some other high end oils targeted to pregnant women). All of my friends have recommended this oil to me to use for pregnancy so I am taking their advice.

Kiehls Superbly Restorative Argan Dry Oil

I love using this cream/oil if I am heading out and no not want anything to mess with my clothes. It has all of the benefits of classic argan oil (hydrates, gives nature boost to boost, and packed with vitamin E), but it in more of a lotion version, so it’s super dry and perfect for daytime. It is also great for the hair!

Neal’s Yard Organic Argan Oil

I am a huge fan of Neals Yard Remedies and their range of organic products. I especially LOVE their organic Moroccan Argan Oil that is super rich in antioxidants, fatty acids (to combat stretch marks) and vitamins. I normally cover myself in this (body, hair and nails), especially when I use the sauna or steam room after the gym to really let it soak in. I love this product. I haven’t been to the sauna lately because of being pregnant (but cannot wait to get back there), so in the meantime I am using it after nice hot showers and really get the benefits.

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  1. Thanks for sharing that brand of Argan Oil. I have been using Josie Maran’s, but don’t think that hers is cold expressed. Maybe this one will fir the bill.
    I’m also a big fan of Jojoba oil. Absorbs quickly and has no scent.

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