My Personal Take On Greenery

03 Feb 2017 Interiors

So as we all know, Pantone has announced it’s colour of the year for 2017 as Greenery (if you need a re-fresh you can see it here). This color (unlike previous colors of the year by Pantone) has seemed to cause a bit of controversy (actually it has caused lots of it). I have been talking loads on social media, especially with my fellow interior blogger friends about everyone’s opinion on this particular shade of green. There seems to be A LOT of opinions about it. Some people hate it, others like it. Some people think it is fine but too much for an entire wall. One thing I know for sure is that it is a very hot topic. For me, I have to say that it is not my favorite shade of green. As a matter of fact, over the past year green has officially become my favorite color to decorate with so I talk about it constantly. Therefore, I thought I would bond more with this shade … that didn’t happen after I seeing it in person (you will know this if you follow my Instagram stories). The truth though, is that I am usually referring to other shades of this hue when I design with green. I am happy though that at least I am on trend with the general popularity of green. So with all this talk, all these opinions (which I love by the way), I thought that maybe I would share some color inspiration on my personal take of greenery. Basically, these interiors below are embodying my taste of how stunning green can look in the home (especially if Pantone’s Greenery isn’t particularly floating your boat). So what I am saying is … Don’t hate on GREEN. Embrace it. You don’t have to love this year’s shade of “Greenery” but lets all at least acknowledge how wonderful greens can look in interior spaces.

“Greenery” as according to Flat 15 …

green interior design
This is such a fresh take on greenery. I love this softer shade, especially when combined with the blush rose colors.
green interior design
For me this room is soft and chic, but it still pushes the boundaries of colors. I love this strong mix of greens, especially with the light woods!


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green interior design
Pure and utter sophistication. I love this mix of green/grey …
green interior design
This kitchen had me at hello. That deep shade combined with dark grey and gold is everything. (A dream kitchen for me).

 objects green interior design

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green interior design
Darker green tones like this deep teal are a perfect match with these charcoal grey linens.
green interior design
50 shades of green looking stun-ing in this space. I love the addition of botanical artwork too!

object green interior design

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green interior design
You can never (ever) go wrong with green velvet.
green interior design
Just classically beautiful.

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