5 Reasons I Always Sleep With A Silk Pillowcase

10 Feb 2017 Health

Last year I was gifted a silk pillowcase from the brand Gingerlily. I thought is was so lovely but honestly it stayed folded in my closet for a couple months before I decided to try it. Once I did though, I ended up loving it and have been using silk pillowcases ever since. Even though I am a fan of linen bedding, my own personal pillowcase is always a natural silk fabric. There are all kinds of benefits from sleeping on a silk pillowcase and what I love most is actually how soft it feels on my face and hair. I am the biggest fan of this and so I thought I would share some reasons about why I am sticking to silk. I have used this pillowcase from Gingerlily which was great and currently I am using this Slip version from Net-a-porter (which I also travel with too!).

Silk Pillowcase Benefits

1- Skin Moisture: Fabrics like cotton pull moisture from the skin. Alternatively sleeping on a natural silk helps to keep our faces more hydrated overnight, therefore fighting wrinkles and dehydrated skin.

2- Reduces Bed Head & Split Ends: Since silk is such a smooth surface, it helps with keeping your hair tame as you sleep. There is less friction if you toss and turn and therefore less chance to wake up with a crazy “bed head” situation or even worse split ends.

3- It Feels Amazing: Not for anything, but a silk pillowcase feels so nice on your face. I am actually not a huge fan of all silk bedding, but something about resting your face on this overnight feels very gentle and non-irritating.

4- Natural Silk Is Hypoallergenic: The natural properties of silk include a resistance to allergens (including dust mites and mold). It is also great for anyone suffering from eczema.

5- A Touch of Luxury: I love natural fabrics and textiles at home and even though I am not the biggest fan of  overly opulent design, a silk pillowcase does have an element of luxury which I personally love. It is just a little special something I have, to rest my head on and I love that.

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