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I am currently working on creating a family gallery wall in a staircase for a client. I love these types of walls because they are so personal to the people living in the home, yet they create such visual wall decor wherever they are placed within a space. In the instance of my client, we are creating hers in the staircase, but there are so many other places and creative ways to make a family photo wall that will provide the ultimate in decor goals! I have rounded up 10 gallery walls that I love and I am sharing them today as inspiration for creating a unique look in your home. These will look amazing whether you are displaying your favorite artwork or your favorite photos of your loved ones.

Gallery Wall Goals ….

1. The Layer Effect

Layer, Layer Layer …. This works best when used with shelving on top of a piece of furniture like displayed here. I just love a photo wall that has lots of frames and great images leaning on top of one other. It creates the perfect casual chic look at home.

2. The Monochrome Effect

I go back and forth all of the time when I create photo walls. I love color but there is always something really special about an entire black and white wall with great imagery. I like the idea of pairing this type of gallery wall with simple monochrome furniture as well.

3. The Organic Effect

When creating a gallery wall it is important to remember that sometimes imperfection can look amazing. I like how this wall looks as if it was created organically and naturally over time, with mis-matched frames and various imagery. It flows so well I think especially in an eclectic styled interior.

4. The Hallway Effect

One of the nicest ways to add family photos (or artwork in general) in the house is to place it in your hallway. It creates a visual element to an otherwise boring space. For all of the people living in the home who walk down the hallway every single day, it is great to see pictures and memories of loved ones along the way.

5. The Vintage Effect

I love how it looks when antique and vintage elements are added to a gallery wall. Don’t be afraid to add in an antique frame or a vintage image of your great grandparents to the mix. It creates a very unique and special feel which is really nice when it comes to family photos.

6. The Shelving Effect

I love shelving. Whether it is floating shelves or small ledges, adding these to a wall is such a great way to layer and add in various framing options to create something pretty amazing. The best part of that you can find great inexpensive shelving options at places like Ikea.

7. The Floor To Ceiling Effect

Don’t be afraid to make use of the entire wall. We often think that artwork or frames should be hung at eye level but check out this image and how striking a floor to ceiling gallery wall can look.

8. The “Lots of Little Frames” Effect

All I can say is wow!! They really went for it and this wall looks beyond amazing! Lots and lots (and lots) of smaller frames can create something quite dramatic!

9. The Pop Of Color Effect

I used to think that gallery walls had to match perfectly. I definitely do not think that anymore. In fact I kind of love adding an unexpected pop of color or pattern to mix things up. This is a stunning stairwell and I even like how they used mis-matching frames as well as a series of color art.

10. The Casual Effect

Sometimes we all feel the need to create something spectacular when it comes to decor. This wall of family photos is very simple as they are all in really basic frames. Since the images are all lovely portraits of family this wall has a really sweet and endearing look to it. Moral of this story: don’t worry about it too much, just get some great images up on the wall.


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