Guess what … I’m a Mom!

23 Jul 2017 BabyLife

So up until now I have been sharing more of my personal (design) journey of preparing to welcome my first baby. This includes designing the nursery, celebrating and planning my baby shower, my maternity pics  in Morocco and even some of my favorite kid sites that I have been loving. So after all of the preparation, my baby did finally arrive (1 week late actually) on May 20th 2017. Her name is Grace and she is already pretty spectacular in our eyes. I just wanted to share some photos of the best new addition to my family.

Meet Grace …

Grace at 1 day old being held by her dad. Yes she was born with that full head of jet black hair here in London.
Me and my girl (Less than a week old).
Getting settled at home (in her moses basket).
Grace at about 2 weeks old.
Grace celebrating her 1 month birthday!
Little baby feet.
Weekends at home together (she is so big).
Here is Grace at 2 months old. She received this outfit which was handmade in a town in Italy called Ascoli and the fabric was purchased in Cairo. It is one of my very favorite pieces she has.


Grace might be popping up on the blog from time to time, but for now … I will be back with the design inspiration that we do here at Flat 15.


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