I Can’t Get Enough of Neutral Colored Nail Polish

26 Jul 2017 Beauty

I usually wait for Summer to go bold with my nail color. Some of my favorites include candy apple red colors, saturated pinks and even strong whites. Anything to make a statement in combination with my Summer tan. For the past several months though I have noticed that I have been repeatedly choosing neutrals for my hands and toes (I have never done this for pedicures before). I have really been all about the neutral, earthy tones and honestly I have no desire to go bright (at least not at this very moment). I am always looking for a solid neutral color that covers my nail but still looks understated. It is actually harder than you might think. So today I have rounded up my favorite (neutral) colors that I love to wear.

My Go To Neutrals

Topless & Barefoot by Essie: The Perfect Beige

To be honest this is my very favorite color (probably ever) that I use on my nails. I wear it about 85% of the time and own a few bottles. It is literally the most perfect shade of beige with a slight touch of barely there pink. The best part is it covers the nails completely. I blogged about this color before here).

Ballet Slippers by Essie: A Touch of White 

This color is another favorite of mine. It is a little lighter and creamier than Topless & Barefoot, but still a super nice neutral that pretty much goes with anything. It also has a really elegant look to it

Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around by O.P.I.: Just Slightly Lavender 

This is another color that I just recently tried and loved. It is a great neutral that covers my nails completely but it has a very slight shade of lavender to it (so it is different but still natural). It is really gorgeous and again it is neutral enough to get that minimal look.

Romper Room by Essie: Pink (ish) 

When I talk about neutrals for my nails I am also including pale pinks into that equation. I love a pale neutral pinkish tone and this barley there hue. If you like that sort of look (especially for your toes) this is a great one.

Brides To Be by Essie: Classic Tan

This color is a classic shade of tan/beige. It is great for a really simple minimal look (which is completely on trend at the moment).








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