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27 Sep 2017 ArtPeople And Their Spaces

If I could choose just one design look that I love seeing within interiors, it would hands down be a fabulous gallery wall. There is just something so fantastic about combining various and eclectic art pieces all together. I find it really brings out the style of the designer by seeing their choice of frames, curated artwork and even the way they choose to display the pictures all together. With this in mind, there has recently been a gallery wall that has seriously caught my eye on the beautiful Instagram account of Michelle Matangi (check it out here). Michelle lives in New Zealand and I literally swoon every time she posts an image of her home. I just LOVE the monochrome art images she chose to create such a super striking space within her interior. If that wasn’t enough, Michelle recently designed another gallery in her entryway which was equally as jaw dropping. I decided I would love to have her share with FLAT 15 some of her expert tips on what to keep in mind when creating a gallery wall at home. She has some great insight. Check out below Michelle’s tips and also her gorgeous gallery walls! (Michelle is also the co-founder of The Pink Room podcast & blog and you can check it their Instagram here!).

“Just don’t worry about laying it all out with a stencil like the pros tell you. Go ahead and hammer away, chances are you’ll make mistakes but that’s why they invented filler to fix your holes! To be honest I move my artwork around until it feels right and I don’t think it can be planned out, it just needs to get on the wall! Start from the center and work your way out.”

1. Consider Your Framing

“Mix frames up for a more eclectic and collected look, or match the frame colour for a more cohesive look.”

 2. Size Matters

“Mixture of sizes is really important! For example, don’t put two pieces that are the same size next to each other, make sure you have a big piece next to a smaller piece!”

 3. Stay Consistent With Spacing

“The space between the art should be the same, just eyeball it unless you feel like you can’t live with it being not exact.  I kind of like an organic flow but I do keep the spacing very similar!”

4. Unify The Artwork Colours

“Unify the colours, so if you are going Monochrome make sure you stick to it! For colours stick to 3 or 4 colours.”

5. Don’t Be Afraid To Mix It Up

“It’s quite cool to go with a theme, say all portraits or something like that, but I love the look of mixing it up! For instance on my gallery wall I like to mix bold abstract art, next to portraits, next to plant art or animals, just have fun with it! Even throw in a little shelf with a ceramic plant.”


All images of courtesy of Michelle Matangi (thank you!)

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