I think that most of us can agree that the tv is a huge eyesore in any room. If you are design minded, trying to figure out where and how to place the television on your living room can be tricky but also really important in order to still keep a well designed space. My husband insists on having a (large) tv in our living room and it is always a conversation we have on how to design around it. Here is some inspiration I found to hopefully give you some ideas in case you are also experiencing this dilemna.


Designing Around a Television

Create a Focal Point: I like how this interesting mirror is placed right above the tv here. As the mirror is central to the shelving and it draws the eye just above the tv to that lovely design and then outwards to the styled shelves.
Make the tv a backdrop instead of the focal point: Usually rooms are centered around the tv.  Instead I like to make the tv a backdrop to a living space. Therefore your living room chairs and sofa all face each other (good for conversation and get togethers) and the tv is available to watch easily from the sofa.
The TV Gallery Wall: I do love a gallery wall and blending the television in with a gallery wall is always a great option.
Symmetry: I am usually not a fan placing the tv above a fireplace, but when it is your only option, this type of simply styled symmetry is the way to go. It balances out the space perfectly.
Incorporate A Modern Shelving System: Shelving is so key in the home for style, design and practicality. It is also not a bad way to frame your television so that it sits within a shelving nook to kind of blend into the sleek lines.
Classic Shelving: This is another great option. This is such an interesting wall unit and you almost forget about the tv in this instance. Also I love the monochrome lines on the cabinet doors that actually pic up on the black television (very well designed).
Keep It Simple: When your tv is a must have in a space, always keep it simple. Do everything you can to remove wires from showing and keep your cable boxes and remotes out of the way and in a particular hidden spot).
Smaller can be better: Many people (usually guys I think) are insistent on a very large television. But it doesn’t always need to be so big! This smaller tv is tucked away in this space and it looks great.
This is my television wall at home. I added a gallery wall on either side of the tv which I thought brought fun artwork and a general visual interest to the space in gerneral.

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