Finding Art In Unexpected Places

19 Jan 2018 Art

Finding and viewing great art is a real love of mine. I feel so lucky to live in London, where iconic contemporary and old masters artwork is all around in museums, galleries, auction houses and even on the streets. One of my favorite things though is to find art in unexpected places. I love when artists create installations or even murals that push the boundaries of what we “expect” art to be or even where we expect to see it. Lately, contemporary art is connecting so many elements of our culture that I find it more inspiring and influential than ever. There are a lots of places globally that have art installations in very unexpected places and that is what makes it so wonderfully unique. Today I wanted to share a ten of my favorites. Some of them I have seen already and some I find magical even through my computer screen. I would say that Marfa is very high on my list to visit but in general seeing art in the middle of  the desert or alternatively in an Off White fashion pop-up in Russia is pretty amazing.

Beauty In The Unexpected

Elmgreen & Dragset – Prada Marfa, Texas US. See more here
K20 x A.D.E.D – Off White, Moscow Russia. See more here
Pablo Picasso – Swimming pool Villa El Martinete, Marbella Spain. See more here 
Nike x Ill Studio x Pigalle, Paris France. See more here
Ugo Rondinone – Seven Magic Mountains, Las Vegas US. See more here 
JR – Giants, Rio de Janeiro Brazil. See more here
BIANCOSHOCK – Boderlifes, Milan Italy. See more here
Damien Hurst – Golden Mammoth, Faena Hotel Miami Beach, US. See more here 
Joe Caslin – The Castle, Galway Ireland. See more here 
Pejac – Downside Up, London UK. See more here


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